Driving Tours

Art & Sculpture Tour

The Newport News Tourism Development Office, with assistance from the Newport News Public Art Foundation, produced a brochure showcasing the city's outdoor art sculptures. The brochure features nearly three dozen works of art, each corresponding to a number on a map. 

Download the Art & Sculpture Brochure or request a hard copy.

Passport to Newport News - Audio CD Driving Tour

The "Passport to Newport News" CD driving tour is full of stories about Newport News and its fascinating history, brought vividly to life by talented actors, memorable music and exciting sound effects. In addition to the audio CD, the "Passport to Newport News" also includes a tour booklet with printed directions and additional information about each site, as well as a reference map with a list of all the stops so visitors can take the tour in one day or over several days. (Note: The free MP3 version available on this page does not include the tour booklet or the reference map). 

Listen for yourself!

Chapter 2 - History of Newport News Click here to listen!
Chapter 3 - Ann Garrow/Battle of Dam No. 1 Click here to listen!
Chapter 6 - Boxwood Inn & Lee Hall Depot Click here to listen!
Chapter 13 - The Mariners' Museum & Pfac Click here to listen!
Chapter 14 - Nathaniel Madison - Hilton Village Click here to listen!
Chapter 18 - Downing Gross Cultural Arts Center Click here to listen!
Chapter 20 - Monitor-Merrimac Overlook Click here to listen!
Chapter 21 - Virginia Living Museum Click here to listen!
Click here to download the free MP3 version! Approx. 87 MB

Historical Reflections - Civil War Driving Tour

The Civil War in Newport News saw the world's first battle between ironclad ships, the awarding of two Medals of Honor, a growing role for African Americans in the United Sates military and one woman who, disguised as a male soldier, fought for her country. Today, Newport News pays tribute to this heroism of the past with historic homes, battle sites, fortifications, monuments and extraordinary collections of personal artifacts. The story of the Civil War is the story of the people - men and women, black and white, slave and free, rich and poor, decorated generals and 18-year old privates. Come and meet them in Newport News.

Download the Civil War Historical Reflections Brochure or request a hard copy.