Animal Adventures in Newport NEws

Get up-close and personal with wildlife in Newport News, VA! Animals are abundant in Coastal Virginia and these locations are the best way to bring the family to see animals here in Hampton Roads and across the state of Virginia. If you or your loved ones are crazy about our furry, scaly, or feathery friends; start planning your animal adventure today!

Meet VA's Native Animals at The Virginia Living Museum

The Virginia Living Museum is home to more than 250 species of animals found in Virginia including reptiles, mammals, birds and fish. They provide a sanctuary for orphaned, non-releasable or injured animals. From the caves and mountains of Appalachia to the aquatic life right off the coast, this museum gives you an in-depth look at the diverse species found in this state. And it's not just modern day animals that the museum showcases. Head to the Dinosaur Discovery Trail to see the reptiles that once roamed our land. And finally, don't forget to return again-and-again to see something new with their rotating exhibits. Learn more.

Play With Barnyard Animals at the Peninsula SPCA & Barnyard

When we say up-close and personal, we mean it. The Peninsula SPCA has been providing shelter and adoptions services for the local community for 50 years and its barnyard has provided opportunities for families to interact with the animals that live there. Pet and feed animals such as goats, llamas, chickens, rabbits, parakeets, and more! Learn more.

See the Local Wildlife while Exploring our Parks

If you truly want to see animals in the wild, you don't have to go far. Head into one of our amazing parks, like Newport News Park, and you're bound to come across a few of the local species of Newport News. Hike on the trails and see if you can spot a deer hiding in the woods, the turtles swimming in the lake, or one of the many species of birds soaring above you.