Bike Trails

In Newport News, our bike trails range from leisurely to challenging, but there’s one thing they have in common: scenic views. At Newport News Park, a 7,700-acre park with water views and a variety of wildlife, cyclists can enjoy a shaded, smooth ride on hard-packed gravel. More adventurous riders can explore the bike trail at Harwood Mills that is composed of a natural and single-tracked surface. For serious cyclists who want a tour of some of our city’s most favored gems, Bike Route 1 provides more than 17 miles of waterfront riding, from Riverview Farm Park to the Mariner’s Museum and Park and Historic Hilton Village.

Newport news bike trails

Explore this interactive map to view the trails for road biking, mountain biking, and recreational riding. View the interactive map below in full-screen mode. If viewing on mobile, be sure to swipe left and right to navigate different routes.