Meet the Staff

Cindy Brouillard | Director of Tourism | 757-926-1425 |

Cindy is the spokesperson and leader for the Tourism Division for the City of Newport News, which includes Newport News Tourism and the Newport News Visitor Center. Cindy oversees the performance management of the entire organization, tracking, reporting, and results. She works with her team, the Newport News Tourism Advisory Board, the Newport News Hospitality Association and tourism industry representatives to ensure that the tourism industry receives support from local officials, businesses and residents, in order for tourism to flourish in the city.

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Cheryl Morales | Marketing Manager | 757-926-1428 |

Cheryl develops and implements marketing strategies to broaden community awareness and promote the City of Newport News as a meeting destination to a variety of groups, including government, association, religious and corporate markets for meetings and conventions. She handles group inquiries and coordinates their needs for conventions; develops schedules, organizes and conducts familiarization tours, suggests itineraries and site inspections; prepares proposals and develops, designs and updates published materials for groups, and also coordinates video production for general marketing purposes. She also assists people who are planning military, family and class reunions, and coordinates a reunion planning seminar, held each autumn in Newport News. Cheryl handles various promotions and housing for regional events. She represents and acts as a spokesperson for the Tourism Division at local, regional, and national trade shows, sales missions and conventions, and provides appropriate follow-up and distribution of leads to Newport News industry representatives. She also handles some of Newport News Tourism’s local awareness campaigns through public speaking engagements, and by developing programming and scripts for the Newport News Channel (NNTV).

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Rebecca Cutchins | Media Relations Manager | 757-926-1429 |

Rebecca is responsible for developing and coordinating public relations, marketing, and promotional activities in support of the City’s tourism programs. She develops and writes media releases about Newport News’ tourism product and NNT for consumer and industry publications. Rebecca works with local, state, regional and national media, reporters and travel writers. She develops, organizes and conducts media familiarization tours and works with the Virginia Tourism Corporation to host travel writers. Rebecca develops and produces NNT's annual Visitor Guide, twice-yearly calendars of events, industry newsletters and a variety of brochures. She also attends regional and national media marketplaces and distributes media leads to the Newport News hospitality industry, when available.

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Barb Kleiss | Group Marketing Manager | 757-926-1442 |

Barb is responsible for promoting Newport News as a group destination to a variety of group markets, including Tour and Travel and sports. She also handles the AAA market and is the liaison between Newport News Tourism and Virginia’s AAA industry, welcome centers and municipal visitor centers. Her responsibilities include building itineraries, developing and distributing Requests for Proposals and working with the hospitality industry within Newport News to provide creative options for tour groups. Barb creates sales missions, media releases for these markets and represents Newport News at national tour and travel trade shows and conventions for organizations.

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Lisa Kaloustian | Administrative Coordinator | 757-926-1466 |
Lisa Holland | Distribution Assistant | 757-886-7777 |

Lisa oversees the complete mail operation for Newport News Tourism and the Visitor Center, including daily inquiries, AAA requests, group mailings, media mailings, material preparation, and special projects.  She continuously researches and implements the most efficient mailing methods, while ensuring the addresses are accurate and up to date. She fulfills bulk shipment requests for Newport News Tourism publications and city-owned museums.  She also oversees brochure maintenance, not only for the Newport News publications, but all the brochures throughout the state displayed at the Newport News Visitor Center.  Lisa prepares monthly brochure reports for all the Newport News Visitor Center’s bulk mailings and continuously tracks the postage funds used for mailings.

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