Tchaikovsky 6: The Story Behind the Music

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Time & Place

  • Tchaikovsky 6: The Story Behind the Music
    • Ferguson Center for the Arts

      January 19, 2024, 7:30 p.m.

      1 Avenue of the Arts
      Newport News, VA 23606
    • Phone: 757-594-8752
      Toll Free: 855-337-4849
      Highway Exit: 258 - J. Clyde Morris Boulevard
      Website: Click here to visit us online


In this intimate evening, join Eric Jacobsen as he tells us the story behind the music of Tchaikovsky’s final completed symphony, full of passion and emotion. Excerpts from the work will illustrate a narrative that brings the music to life, setting the stage for a complete performance of Tchaikovsky 6 after intermission. Tickets to this performance are also available for purchase at Click here for details.