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The Most LOVE-Worthy Places In Newport News

It's February, the month of "love." Have you given any thought to how you're going to share that love with the person who matters most to you? Are you looking for a romantic spot to pop the question? If so, Newport News is the place to be! These sites in Newport News are the perfect places for taking in a little quiet beauty with that special someone, whether you’re about to start a life together or you’ve been together for a lifetime!


Hidden among trails that lead to the Warwick River, Riverview Farm Park is a beautiful setting to watch the sun set. It is an incredible place to take in the tranquility of nature with someone you love! Here you’re surrounded by grass and trees for as far as the eye can see. Drift into your own little world for a spell by visiting this special park.


Who knew Newport News Park had a charming Japanese-style peace garden with an authentic tea house?  Modeled after one designed in the 17th century by a famous Japanese tea master, it is the only authentic teahouse known to be in the U.S. This site is ideally suited for you to ask your love interest: “Suki desu. Tsukiatte kudasai.” Translation? “I like you. Can we start seeing each other?”


There’s a reason why couples flock to the fountain at City Center for photos, hand-holding, and romantic strolls. Who could ever get tired of the breath-taking views around this five-acre fountain? Plus, the fountain screams “LOVE” with its nearby set of LOVE letters, spelling out the word L-O-V-E with two extra letters at the end: N-N, which, of course, stands for Newport News!


Denbigh Boat Ramp, at the southern end of Denbigh Boulevard, is on a tributary of the James River. It is part of a quiet, residential 13-acre park – the perfect place to unwind at the end of a busy day with the love of your life! Its dazzling sunsets over the scenic and peaceful Warwick River will surely make sparks fly – or rekindle an old flame!


Located at the southeastern end of Newport News Park, Harwood’s Mill is a 265-acre freshwater reservoir. It is a peaceful place to unwind with your beloved and enjoy the setting sun after a long day. For those high-energy couples who crave a little more adventure in their lives, the reservoir is adjacent to hiking trails and a 5-mile mountain bike trail.


Adjacent to Hilton Elementary school, Hilton Pier is known for its epic sunsets. Sit back and relax as you watch the sun drop behind the James River – either from the pier itself or from the small beach around it. Approximately 400 feet in length, this pier is the perfect place for taking in the beauty of the James River with that extra special person in your life!


Take in the sweeping panoramic views of the James River at sunset in Huntington Park, near the James River Bridge. Kick off your shoes to feel the sand between your toes while you and your significant other watch that big ball of fire sink into the James River. It truly is magical. Some of the most gorgeous sunsets can be found here.


Located on the Hampton Roads Harbor, the land that makes up King-Lincoln Park was once known as Pinkett's Beach. In 1968, the 19-acre property was turned into a park. History lovers will revel in the fact that this site was named in memory of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr., … but love birds will be happy taking a leisurely stroll along its sandy beach!

lions bridge

Lions Bridge is made up of four stone lions mounted on the ends of a dam built in the 1930s to create Mariners’ Lake, the centerpiece of Mariners’ Museum Park. For a breathtaking view of the James River, visit Lion’s Bridge at sunset. Located off the Noland Trail, Lions Bridge is the perfect place to spend some alone time with someone special.


With 5 miles of pathways and a forest that is plush and beautiful, the Noland Trail at Mariners’ Museum Park features 14 bridges and numerous benches to sit and enjoy majestic water views. What better way to take advantage of the month of romance than to grab your partner, pack a romantic lunch for two, and picnic while marveling at the serenity you’ll find around Mariners’ Lake.


If an evening of good food, drink, and a little shopping is your ticket to romance, then head to Port Warwick and select one of the many options available around Styron Square, a 3-acre park with a pavilion for live music. Styron Square is the heart of Port Warwick, where you and your soulmate can walk hand-in-hand to the pedestrian friendly businesses that line the square.

Rose garden

The Huntington Park Rose Garden is a magnificently landscaped area, complete with a scenic gazebo at the center of the property. Roses, traditional symbols of love and romance, are thought to be relaxing and restorative because smelling their sweet fragrance encourages us to breathe deeply and slowly. This gem of a garden is the perfect place to stop and smell the roses!

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