The Mariners' Museum and Park

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The Mariners' Museum Park is 550 acres of privately maintained, naturally wooded property that offers visitors a quiet and serene place to walk, run or picnic. Within the Park is the 167-acre Lake Maury, named for Matthew Fontaine Maury, the famed 19th-century oceanographer and native Virginian. Following the shoreline of Lake Maury is the 5-mile Noland Trail. With significant financial support from the Noland Family, the trail has 14 bridges, picnic areas, benches, handicap access and mile markers. The Mariners’ Museum Park is open daily to the public. Benches at approximately every half-mile offer places of rest along the trail, and views of Lake Maury can be found around every corner. The famous Lions Bridge, a dam that provides a breathtaking view of the James River, remains a highlight for visitors – a perfect family gathering place to enjoy the park. The beauty of the dam is enhanced by several fine pieces of statuary designed by Anna Hyatt Huntington, sculptor and wife of Museum founder Archer Milton Huntington. Four stone lions were mounted on the ends of the parapets of the dam in October 1932. Anna also created and dedicated a monument entitled Conquering the Wild that overlooks the Lions Bridge, the park, and Lake Maury.   

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  • Civil War Discussion: Lieutenant General James Longstreet, CSA: Jul 10; 12:30 p.m.
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