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Destination: Dinosaur! at the Virginia Living Museum

Destination: Dinosaur! is open at The Virginia Living Museum. This 7-part exhibit lets you live your Jurassic Park dreams without the risk of being eaten. In the Animatronic Indoor Gallery, 11 dinosaurs are brought to life, including an Amargasaurus, a Chasmosaurus, a Cryolosaurus, a Coelophysis, a Stegoceras, and a Suchomimus.

There’s also a life-sized, at 13’ tall and 39.5’long, animatronic T.rex in the garden.

While in the garden, don’t forget to take a photo with an adult Pachyrhinosaurus. Walk where dinosaurs walked at the Original Virginia Dinosaur Tracks exhibit with real dinosaur tracks. The tracks, found near Culpepper, VA, are nearly 210 million years old. At the entrance to the outdoor trail, a water-spitting Dilophosaurus and her baby mist visitors to cool them down during these hot summer months.

The outdoor Dinosaur Discovery Trail features 16 dinosaurs, including an Anklyosaur, a Brachiosaurus, and a T.rex, as well as nests and baby dinosaurs.

There are also 3 shows to catch. One, “The Rex is Right!” is a live show that has dinosaur trivia, gameshow-style. Another, “Did an Asteroid Really Kill the Dinosaurs?” plays in the Abbitt Planetarium. A third option, the Live Ambassador Animals Show presents “Daring Dinosaurs,” an educational presentation with 3 animal ambassadors.

Destination: Dinosaur! is a fun, educational experience for all dinosaur-enthusiasts. The exhibit is only here through September 3, 2018, so don’t miss out! Planning an entire weekend in Newport News? Check out other things to do while you're here this summer!