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How Some of Your Favorite Newport News Travel Spots Are Saving the Planet

Going green when traveling in Newport News

Being kind to the planet doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make huge sacrifices when traveling. In fact, many popular tourism sites in Newport News are already doing the work for you by incorporating some eco-friendly practices into their day-to-day operations.

So, if you want an experience that leaves a positive impact versus a carbon footprint, then put these four Newport News gems on your travel itinerary:

  1. 1. First, stop in at the Newport News Visitor Center, a certified Virginia Green establishment.
  2. 2. Second, check into the Newport News Marriott at City Center, where comfort meets sustainability.
  3. 3. Then, learn all about conservation at the Virginia Living Museum.
  4. 4. And since no trip is complete without a taste of local flavor, check out Second Street Bistro, where every bite feels like a hug for the planet.

Now we’ll show you how each site is doing its part to keep Mother Earth happy!

The Newport News Visitor Center was awarded a Certificate of Environment Commitment in 2009 by the Virginia Green program. It was the fifth visitor center in Virginia and the first in Hampton Roads to become a member of Virginia Green. To receive certification, the Visitor Center had to meet five core requirements: recycling and waste management; green meetings and conferences; water conservation; energy conservation; and the promotion of other Virginia Green participants.
At the Newport News Marriott, plastic and glass are recycled, water-conserving faucets are used, and water-saving showerheads are featured in all guest rooms. The hotel also uses florescent lighting throughout its meeting areas, has water-conserving toilets, and a linen program that allows guests to re-use their towels and bedding during their stay. The cherry on top is the electric car charging stations offered in its parking garage.
As a certified Virginia Green attraction, one of the goals of the Virginia Living Museum is to provide educational information about conservation and sustainability to its visitors. The Goodson Living Green House, for example, is an exhibit that showcases green construction and remodeling opportunities. The museum’s Conservation Garden demonstrates earth-friendly ways to grow native plants. They also collect rainwater for their gardens and use compost as plant fertilizer. For middle and high school students interested in conservation, the museum offers hands-on educational programs.
The effort and decisions that Second Street Bistro make regarding sustainability range from using biodegradable straws and offering cloth napkins to finding locally sourced produce and providing fountain drinks in lieu of individual cans or bottles. Food and cocktail menus are cleverly crafted to minimize food waste. For example, leftover ingredients are repurposed into fresh juices and sauces to ensure that perfectly good food isn't thrown away.

For travelers interested in “green” events, the One City Marathon has been a certified Virginia Green Event since its inception in 2015. Additionally, the Newport News Green Foundation has created a new speaker series focused on health, wellness, and the environment. The series is called “Green Drinks,” and each session features an expert discussing their work, such as guided bird walks by a Newport News Park Ranger or a master gardener teaching a class on turning our yards into havens for nature. Click here for details.

From recycling rainwater to serving up farm-fresh goodness, these special places and events in the city aren't just talking the talk—they're walking the walk when it comes to green living. So, grab your reusable water bottle and check out these Newport News travel spots that are stepping up to save the planet, one eco-friendly amenity at a time!