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The City of Newport News has partnered with the Contemporary Arts Network (CAN) to create the Newport News Street Museum, a city-wide mural project. This innovative initiative highlights diverse locations throughout the city while encouraging placemaking, promoting tourism, and strengthening community and regional connections. An array of murals are painted on buildings and underpasses. The Newport News Street Museum has been completed by renowned regional and national muralists.


Click here to view the photos and interactive map of the artwork as described below.


Mahari Chabwera: “Flash of the Spirit” -   Painted on the site of the Moton Community House, this mural immortalizes (from left to right): Abdullah Muhammad,  Joni Ivey, Linwood DeBrew, and Thomas “Tricky” Harmon.  The building was formerly the Moton Theater, which provided entertainment for the Black community from 1941 to 1966. The building was purchased and reopened in 1981 as The Moton Community House, a center that served the Southeast Community of Newport News .

Location: 2101 Jefferson Ave.


Austin “Auz” Miles: “Where there is Love & Inspiration – This mural of Newport News native Ella Fitzgerald is a depiction of her warm, sweet, and kind demeanor.. The mural’s title is taken from Ella’s quote, “Just don’t give up traying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.”

Location: 2501 Jefferson Ave. 26th Street Façade


Yusuf Abdul Lateef- “I Believe G_d” – An ode to Zion of Joy Church of Deliverance founder and overseer, Mable R. Hargrove, the church’s name is said to be inspired by Bible verse Isaiah 51:11. The mural serves as a reminder to the surrounding community to “Pray without Ceasing and believe in G_d.”

Location: 2514 Jefferson Ave.


Andrew Samuel Harrison- “Good News” – Named “Good News,” this mural celebrates the many great things taking place in Newport News. The interlocking figures highlights the city’s individuality and connectedness.

Location: 2501 Washington Ave.


Nico Cathcart- “The Listener”- Painted on the side of the historic Warwick Hotel, this mural’s design, details, and colors have levels of symbolism that represent the history of Newport News, its inhabitants, and the history of the building itself. Mr. Warwick (as named by the residents), a journalist, overlooks the city.

Location: West Ave & 25th St.


Earl Mack- “Best Day Ever”- Named after the artist’s mantra, this mural serves as a mental reset to focus on the positive things that can help you through your day.


Nadd Harvin: "Nadd's Apothecary" – The visuals in this mural display that healing comes from pursuing your passions and that everything starts from rest. Nadd’s Apothecary utilizes realism as a vehicle for abstract expression. 


Alex Michael: "A MTHRNSON SEE TWO BIRDS" – A “mother and son” see two birds is representative of the past and present. A mother and child sit upon a hill, under the sun and see a Cardinal and a Blue Jay. The Cardinal is an uplifting, happy sign that those we have lost will live forever, so long as we keep their memory alive in our hearts. The Blue Jay pushes one to believe in coming protection, divinity, selflessness, honesty, and kindness.


Dathan Kane: "NEWS DELIVERY!" – This mural represents the historic collaboration between the City of Newport News and the Contemporary Arts Network (CAN). Images highlight the importance of delivering dynamic ways.


Asa Jackson: "All In Together" – Located at the Pinedale Manor Unit Boys and Girls Club, this mural was completed with the help of B&G Club participants and Newport News Juvenile Services. The community painted tapestry was a team effort woven with each other’s encouragement, collaboration, and love. 


Carl Medle: "Best Life" – This mural depicts the very relatable notion that things going on in life are good, bad, and everything in between. The background elements are purposefully freeform and organic. The letters that sit on top of the background show that everyone is trying to make the best of their situation and be true to themselves.


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