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22 Things To Look Forward to in 2022

Yes, we admit there may be a few unknowns ahead of us as we start another new year in the 2020s; however, we do know there are quite a few things to look forward to! Make it count by marking your calendar for these 22 not-to-be-missed things to do and places to see in Newport News during 2022:

1. A new live music venue, called Good Vibes, recently opened and will bring national touring acts, music festivals, block parties, and stand-up comedy to City Center at Oyster Point. The venue’s state-of-the-art sound and light system on a 40-foot stage comes with a grand piano, organ, and a 20-foot LED screen. The hall can accommodate 1,100 people and includes a VIP Lounge. Enjoy a fully stocked bar with more than 50 taps (including craft beer and cider) and a kitchen that serves a wide variety of food, such as tapas, pizzas, steaks, and salads. On the weekends, enjoy a Bloody Mary Bar and brunch buffet with live music. On- and off-site catering services also available. Click here to learn more.

2. After being closed for a few years for renovations, the James A. Fields House has officially reopened. James A. Fields (1844-1903) was a teacher, lawyer, and member of the Virginia House of Delegates. Fields built the house in 1897 and used it as his law office and primary residence from 1897 to 1908. In 1908, it served as the first hospital for Blacks in the city, which later became Whittaker Memorial Hospital. Today, this restored home gives visitors a glimpse into the life of the African-American community in Newport News during the 1900s. The house is located in the Brookville Heights neighborhood in the East End of Newport News. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Call 757-813-6014 to learn more.

3. A stunning new gem among Virginia's visual arts organizations, the Mary M. Torggler Fine Arts Center, opened recently on the campus of Christopher Newport University. It features a magnificent rotunda topped by cascading glass domes; a spacious main gallery presenting art by nationally and internationally recognized artists; a community gallery devoted to the work of local and regional artists; a micro-gallery for experimental projects; and an academic gallery displaying the work of students and faculty. Look for an interactive gallery for children to open this year. The Torggler also offers year-round classes, workshops, and other educational programs for all ages. For those planning an off-site afternoon meeting or breakout session, choose between the Torggler’s lecture hall or one of their larger classrooms. Additionally, groups are also welcome to rent the beautiful rotunda for evening receptions. Click here to learn more.

  1. 4. Lee Hall Depot is one of the city’s newest attractions, offering exhibits highlighting the impact of the railroad on Warwick County and the City of Newport News, as well as information on railroad history and Lee Hall village. It is the only remaining station of five on the Lower Virginia Peninsula. The city, in partnership with the Lee Hall Train Station Foundation, completed renovations to the depot last year. The restored 1881 train depot serves as a museum for the community and displays period rooms outfitted to 1900. Located at 9 Elmhurst Street, it is open on Saturdays for tours. newportnewshistory.org.


  1. 5. Downtown Newport News will see increased foot traffic and a renewed energy in 2022 around the newly established Yard District. With its name paying homage to Newport News Shipyard – as well as invoking a backyard feel – the Yard District has plans for a restaurant row along 23rd Street, where Ironclad Distillery and Coastal Fermentory have already established roots. Look for additional eateries, libations entertainment, and events like art shows, food truck rallies, live music and more in 2022 to add to the vibrancy and buzz that is beginning to take hold. Click here to learn more.


  1. 6. Endview Plantation has a new permanent exhibit in its basement. The exhibit offers information on the history of the property, including sections on members of the Harwood/Curtis family, who settled the land nearly 400 years ago. It also includes an extensive family tree and documents not only the property owners but also Native Americans, indentured servants, enslaved Africans, and the African-American presence on the property after the Civil War. Photographs, artifacts, and interactives are featured in the display at 362 Yorktown Road. Call 757-887-1862 to learn more. newportnewshistory.org

  1. 7. At the Virginia Living Museum, every animal has a story - and the two Red Wolves, Katniss and Hyde, are no exceptions! Two of the newest non-releasable animals to join the museum, Katniss is a 9-year-old female American Red Wolf while Hyde is a 9-year-old male who was brought in as a companion to Katniss later in 2021. They are part of the federal Species Survival Plan, which seeks to improve the Red Wolf population in the wild, which is currently at fewer than 20 wolves. Katniss and Hyde can be found at the boardwalk trail outside the museum. Katniss has a curious attitude and loves to roll on and eat fish - her favorite scent and snack! Hyde, meanwhile, seems to really enjoy fruit-scented forms of enrichment. Come and see them on your next visit. Click here to learn more.

8. Another new resident at the Virginia Living Museum is a rare Calico Lobster, named Freckles. It was donated to the museum by a Red Lobster seafood restaurant in Manassas, VA, after staff there noticed its unique spotted shell – a striking orange and black speckled shell so rare that only one of every 30 million lobsters in the world have one! Calico lobsters seldom survive in the wild because their bright colors make them susceptible to predators. Freckles can now be found living happily in the museum’s Chesapeake Bay Gallery. Click here to learn more.

  1. 9. A life-sized LOVE artwork is now on display in front of the Visitor Center at 13560 Jefferson Ave., at the entrance to Newport News Park. The letters spell out L-O-V-E-N-N and are one set of more than 275 giant LOVE letters, called LOVEworks, in towns and cities across the Commonwealth. Created as part of a state and local partnership to promote travel and tourism, the letters are an extension of the Virginia is for Lovers brand, one of the most iconic slogans in the world. Each LOVE installation is a reflection of the community in which it stands, and the LOVEwork at the Newport News Visitor Center is no exception. The new LOVEwork features the letters “NN” at the end of the word “LOVE,” representing “Love Newport News.” Visitors to the LOVEwork are encouraged to share their photos on social media using #LOVEVA and #LoveNN. Call 757-886-7777 to learn more.

10. A new museum-quality art sculpture, called La Luna, has been installed at Chatham Trail, a 7-acre green space in a bustling commercial district near the airport. La Luna was carved in Pietrasanta, Italy, out of Carrara marble. While “la luna” means moon in Italian, this work doesn’t necessarily personify the moon; it is more indicative of a feminine, remote, and benevolent presence that seems timeless. La Luna’s eyes are closed, but her face is turned upward. The expression on her face is peaceful, while the work itself is slightly mysterious. nnpaf.org

11. Four new events are coming to Newport News in 2022! The first is a Winter Carnival, planned for Feb. 5 at 401 Oriana Road (former K-Mart location). This family friendly event will feature carnival games, inflatables, a photo booth, children’s crafts, a live DJ, and a variety of food vendors – all set up around a synthetic ice rink. On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, head to City Center for Sham-ROCK, a rocking concert with adult beverages and fun giveaways. A Spring EGG-stravaganza to celebrate the start of the spring season will take place April 2 in King-Lincoln Park. It will include spring-themed activities for all ages. And, finally, a new event targeting Outdoor Enthusiasts is planned for April 23 in Newport News Park. Boating, hiking, ax throwing, fishing, zip lining, camping and biking are a few of the activities to be showcased. Call 757-926-1400 to learn more.

12. Speaking of events, the One City Marathon will return as an in-person event in 2022 … and the weekend is bigger and better than ever! Marathon Weekend takes place March 4-6 with some changes and enhancements, which include race events both Saturday and Sunday, multi-race challenges, and two days of One City www.onecitymarathon.com.

13. Del Taco, a California-based Mexican fast-food chain, is coming to Newport News. Del Taco is the country’s second-largest Mexican restaurant chain. The first Del Taco opened in 1964 in Yermo, CA. By 1978, there were 100 restaurants. Ten years later, Del Taco increased its geographic reach by merging with another fast-food taco chain. Today, there are approximately 600 locations in 16 states, with most in California, Nevada and Arizona. The restaurant chain is known for its West Coast-style of food, such as its “Epic Cali” bacon burrito. They also serve salads, chicken, burgers, fries, shakes, breakfast and vegetarian options, and various desserts.

  1. 14. A new brewery, called 1700 Brewing, recently opened in the City Center area of Newport News. It is a nano-brewery that offers a high turnover of fresh brews in a relaxing atmosphere. 1700 Brewing is a Veteran owned and operated brewery. They pay tribute to all service members with every beer they pour. Click here to learn more or visit them on Facebook.


  1. 15. The city’s Port Warwick neighborhood has a new European-style dessert boutique, called Aux Délices (pronounced “Oh Da Lease”). Specializing in authentic French Crêpes, made fresh daily by Madame Michel, the shop is located at 129 Herman Melville Ave., across from Brickhouse Tavern. auxdelicescrepesncreams.com

  1. 16. Although an opening date has not been announced, a Benny’s Pizza will soon open in downtown Newport News at 212 23rd St. Benny’s Pizza is famous for its 28-inch pies. Each Benny’s restaurant has its own unique name. The one in Newport News will be called Benny Cantiere’s. Benny’s Pizza started in 2011 and has restaurants in seven states, including 17 in Virginia. Click here to learn more.

  1. 17. A new seafood establishment is now open in Patrick Henry Mall. The Twisted Crab Seafood & Bar, found near Macy’s, is a chain restaurant specializing in Cajun-style seafood boils. Menu choices range from crab legs, shrimp and oysters to lobster tail and crawfish. Wings and fried seafood baskets are also available. thetwistedcrab.com

  1. 18. Hilton Creamery is a new ice cream shop in Historic Hilton Village. In addition to 24 flavors of Hershey’s Ice Cream, it sells Crazy Pops Gourmet Popsicles, which are water-based popsicles made with fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. The popsicles come in more than 30 flavors, including avocado lime, watermelon basil and strawberry orange. Since 2015, the popsicles have been sold at farmer’s markets, concerts and festivals. The business, expected to open this month, is located at 10349 Warwick Blvd. Click here to learn more.

    1. 19. Two new playgrounds will soon be installed in Newport News Park. One is planned for the area near the Park Ranger Station (called Picnic Area #1) and the other will be near the intersection of Constitution Way and Stable Road (Picnic Area #3). Both will feature new modern equipment. When these two new playgrounds are completed, we’ll have three playgrounds in Newport News Park! Call 757-888-3333 to learn more.

    1. 20. This March, the campsite office will have 20 new bicycles available for rent. The beach cruiser-style bikes will rent for $4 an hour. Call 757-888-3333 to learn more.

    1. 21. Two Community Gardens, one at Lee Hall and the other in Hilton Village, will have plots available for rent by Newport News residents this spring. Lee Hall, located in the large open field at 75 Yorktown Road, has 126 plots that rent for $30 each.  Hilton has 30 plots, which are smaller raised beds, renting for $25 each, located behind the Main Street Library on Municipal Lane. Click here to learn more.

    1. 22. Aromas coffee shop in City Center at Oyster Point moved near Christopher Newport University and will reopen as The Captain’s Den and Coffee House. Meanwhile, Cure Coffeehouse, a popular coffee shop in Norfolk, plans to move into the old Aroma’s spot in City Center.

As you can see, there is no shortage of new experiences to check out in Newport News. If you need additional information about our attractions, shopping, dining, and lodging in Newport News, just ask! Our friendly and knowledgeable travel counselors can help. They have up-to-date information on events, festivals, concerts and more! Visit them at the Newport News Visitor Center, 13560 Jefferson Ave., or call them at 757-886-7777.