Lake Maury

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For decades the local community has treasured this scenic lake, hiking its trails, marveling at its statues, skipping rocks across its shore. Early mornings are spent listening to its whispering waves and the soft plunk of a fishing lure sinking beneath its tranquil surface. The sweet sound of laughter ripples across its surface as you laugh with your buddies over “the one that got away.” Whether a die-hard fisherman or just in need of a relaxing day, visit Lake Maury and start creating your own memories today.Boats can be rented at The Mariners' Museum Boat House, weather-permitting, and seat 1 to 6 people. Motors are not provided. Visitors may provide their own trolling (electric) motor and battery, but gas-powered motors are not permitted. Fishing is catch-and-release. A state fishing license is required.

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