Christi Harris: Lachrymose

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Time & Place

  • Christi Harris: Lachrymose
    • Mary M. Torggler Fine Arts Center

      April 1 - June 11, 2023

      1 Avenue of the Arts
      Newport News, VA
    • Phone: (757) 594-0800
      Website: Click here to visit us online


Christi Harris, associate professor in the Department of Fine Arts and Art History at Christopher Newport University, will present her poignant installation, Lachrymose, in the Torggler’s Microgallery. This work explores the intersection of grieving and “emotional labor” made tangible in embroidered phrases from condolence letters from a late 19th-century Virginia family. Harris discovered the letters at a flea market, and during the pandemic she spent time painstakingly embroidering words or phrases from the letters onto handkerchiefs in the style of the writer’s handwriting. Dozens of these embroidered receptacles for grief and tears will be suspended around the viewer in the Microgallery, becoming a tangible manifestation of the universal human experience of grieving.