Peninsula SPCA's Fantasy Fur Ball

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Time & Place

    • Peninsula SPCA & Barnyard

      March 28, 2020

      523 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard
      Newport News, VA 23601
    • Phone: (757) 595-1399 ext. 100
      Highway Exit: 258A from I-64
      Website: Click here to visit us online


The postponement of our Fur Ball is a major challenge for the Peninsula SPCA.  Despite the current situation, we still have shelter pets to care for and feed.  We are still providing shelter services for homeless pets.  And we are still holding vaccine clinics to keep pets safe in our community.  

Since we are all practicing social distancing, we thought we would hold a Fantasy Fur Ball! Just like Fur Ball but from the safety of our own homes.  

Let's make the best of a less-than-perfect situation...
Our on-line auction is filled with a few of our favorite things from our Fur Ball Silent and Live Auction stash!  Anyone can participate on their mobile phone. There are no fees to register, but if you want to make a donation to help support our shelter pets and their care, then you can do that on your mobile device, too! Shop and save lives, and have a little fun, too!
Auction closes Saturday at 9 PM.  
Winners can pick up items Monday (3/30) & Tuesday (3/21) from 9am - 3pm