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Coffee & Fall Delights in Newport News

A slight breeze, some yellowing leaves, and the smell of pumpkin spice means Fall is in the air. As the weather cools, what better way to enjoy it than by indulging in some coffee, tea, pastries, and other delights perfect for the season? There are some great local coffee and pastry shops you can only find in Newport News. Be sure to stop by to enjoy a treat during the autumn months.

Angie's Cafe

  • 620 Stoney Creek Ln #20
  • Newport News, VA 23608

It may be local but Angie's Cafe offers coffee and pastries from a little farther away. Angie's Cafe founders started serving coffee in Puerto Rico and discovered handpicked, hand-roasted coffee in Costa Rica. This small family-owned shop brings that unique Puerto Rican flavor to Hampton Roads.

Canvas Coffee House

  • 2170 William Styron Square
  • Newport News, VA 23606

Canvas Coffee was founded in 2018 by alumni of Christopher Newport University as a place for people to gather and make connections. Located at Port Warwick, Canvas Coffee offers some unique coffee blends and recently collaborated with our newest brewery, Coastal Fermentory, to develop the First Flight Dark Lager, a beer also suited for the fall season.

First Watch

  • 12070 Jefferson Ave Suite 1810
  • Newport News, VA 23606

First Watch is a daytime cafe for your breakfast, brunch, and lunch needs. With locations throughout Hampton Roads, First Watch offers omelets, donuts, freshly-brewed coffee they call "Project Sunrise Coffee," cold brew, tea, and more. Whether you want a bite to eat, a place to relax with a cup of joe or both, First Watch is the place to be.

Grounded Coffee

  • 580 City Center Blvd
  • Newport News, VA 23606

A fairly new coffee shop, Grounded Coffee is located near Port Warwick and uses high quality blended and single origin coffees roasted by Three Ships Coffee Roasters in Virginia Beach. Grounded Coffee offers some unique treats, including seasonal ones such as the "Affogato," ice cream with a shot of espresso, and "The Brekky," cold brew mixed with Cinnamon Toast Crunch Oat Milk. 

Indulge Bakery & Bistro

  • 10359 Warwick Blvd
  • Newport News, VA 23601

In the heart of Hilton Village is a European-style bakery and bistro. Indulge allows you to "indulge" in freshly baked pastries, such as cake rolls, jelly donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and more! They also offer customized cakes for parties, weddings and other events. Of course, you can enjoy all of these with a cup of their freshly brewed coffee.

Scratch Bakery

  • 4181 William Styron Square N
  • Newport News, VA 23606

Scratch Bakery lives up to its name as its cakes are all made from scratch. You can order custom cakes for any event. You have your usual wedding cakes but you can also order a baseball-hat cake or a cinnamon roll pumpkin cheesecake. It's not just for catering though. You can also stop by and enjoy one of their delicious cupcakes, pineapple upside down cake, brownies, cookies, and more.

COMING SOON - Aroma's Specialty Coffees & Gourmet Bakery

Once a favorite of City Center's, Aroma's is moving to a new location by Christopher Newport University. With awards such as the 2017 Choice Awards with the Daily Press and the 2016 Best of Reader's Choice Awards with Coastal Virginia Magazine, Aroma's is well worthy of stopping by for some amazing coffee, tea, and pastries. While we can't wait for Aroma's to reopen in Newport News, in the meantime you can get a taste of it at their Williamsburg locations.

Neighboring Coffee & Pastry Shops

As you explore Coastal Virginia, there's no shortage of other coffee and pastry shops to visit so we put together a quick list of some other fan favorites that you should definitely check out.