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Hidden Gems in Newport News

If your preferences lean more toward authentic experiences than touristy hot spots, then check out this list of local favorites that are somewhat “off-the-beaten path.” Step away from the proverbial “bucket list” and carve out some time to explore these hidden gems in Newport News. In fact, most aren’t hidden away at all!

Huntington Park Rose Garden

Located in Historic Huntington Park, this Rose Garden is home to 1,000 roses and 74 different varieties that bloom from May to late October. Since 1970, this garden has been a perfect place for visitors to relax and enjoy the beautiful roses while sitting in the gazebo at the center of the property. With all the magic the roses create, this hidden gem is sure to make you smile. 


Book Nook

Book worms will be sure to love the book nook at Hilton Presbyterian Church. Located in Hilton Village, it is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite stories on a beautiful day, with benches and a variety of new stories to choose from. 


Noland Trail

With 5 miles of trails, the Noland Trail is located at the Mariners’ Museum and Park and is free for all visitors to enjoy. With 14 bridges, picnic areas, benches to enjoy majestic water views, and handicap accessible areas, the trail is welcoming for all abilities and ages. Grab some friends, a picnic basket, and your hiking shoes and enjoy a peaceful picnic among the trees. 


Hilton Fishing Pier

Approximately 300 feet in length, this pier is the perfect place for catching fish, watching the sunset, or taking in the beauty of the James River. 

Fort Fun

A perfect spot for kids to run around and enjoy the outdoors. With tunnels, turrets, slides, and ramps, the possibilities for exploration are endless. Located in Huntington Park, Fort Fun has been a local treasure since 1992. 

Japanese Teahouse

The Ennan Teahouse – or Swallows Rest – is a Japanese tea house, modeled after one designed in the 17th century by tea master, Oribe. Surrounded by a charming Japanese-style Peace Garden, it is the only authentic teahouse known to be in the United States. The site at Newport News Park is truly a unique place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. To earn more about the teahouse and inquire about tours, visit Sister Cities of Newport News.

King-Lincoln Park

Located on the Hampton Roads Harbor, the land that makes up King-Lincoln Park was once known as Pinkett's Beach. During the days of segregation, William Ward Pinkett, a business owner and tailor who owned the land, opened it up to African Americans. In 1968, the land was turned into a park. Originally called Lincoln Park to honor President Abraham Lincoln, the park was renamed King-Lincoln Park after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. The nearly 19-acre property features tennis and basketball courts, two fishing piers, a playground, picnic shelters, and a beach.

Sometimes, taking a detour to find a hidden gem can turn into a memorable experience because it helps you connect to a place and its people more deeply. Whether they’re called “hidden gems” or “lucky finds,” we’re sure you’ll appreciate these special places as much as we do!  

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