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Big plans for the end of Summer 2011!

Hello friends of Newport News! We have really had a very unique couple of weeks in Virginia haven't we?  We've had history making events that shook us up and strong weather systems "blow" through town.  A lot of our friends out there are still waiting on their electricity to be turned back on.  If you are reading this, you must be one of the lucky ones whose power has been restored or maybe you're reading this on your mobile phone.  During the storm you were probably locked down inside your homes riding out the storm.  You probably played every board and card game to keep everyone entertained and now you are looking for a release for all that pinned up energy before the summer is over.  In either case, it just might be time for a weekend of fun or you might prefer a little relaxation! 


Whether a weekend getaway or a staycation, there is still time to plan!  With so many things to choose from in Newport News there is something for everyone.  Perhaps you are looking for a fun weekend with the kids at the wonderful attractions around Newport News such as the Virginia Living Museum or The Mariners' Museum/USS Monitor Center.  Maybe you want to sneak away for a couple more rounds of golf while the weather is still pleasant or take a walk in one of our parks.   


Of course, you might be looking for a quiet retreat away from everything for just the two of you. Why not take a romantic stroll around the fountain at City Center, topped off with a little shopping, a massage and a romantic dinner for two. You might want to book a room too, especially if you don't have power. Wouldn't it be nice to have air conditioning and TV, not to mention a nice hot shower? No matter what you might be interested in, all of this and more is available right here in Newport News and there is still time for a great weekend full of fun and adventure or relaxation. 


Call the Newport News Visitor Center at (888) 493-7386 and speak to one of our friendly travel counselors who will help you plan your getaway and provide a wealth of ideas. Also check out our website at www.newport-news.org where you will find all the information you will need to plan an end of summer mini-vacation.  We can't wait for you to spend the end of summer with us in Newport News, Virginia!