Civil War

Over 145 years ago, the woods and waters of Newport News echoed with the sounds of the Civil War; the tramp of thousands of boots along the Great Warwick Road, the thunder of cannons, the crack of rifle fire, the shout of orders - sometimes to "ghost" soldiers, and the cries of the wounded and the dying. The Civil War in Newport News saw the worlds first battle between ironclad ships, the awarding of two Medals of Honor, a growing role for African-Americans in the United States military, and one woman who, disguised as a male soldier, fought for her country.

Today, Newport News pays tribute to this heroism of the past with historic homes, battle sites, fortifications, monuments and extraordinary collections of personal artifacts. The story of the Civil War is the story of the people - men and women, black and white, slave and free, rich and poor, decorated generals and eighteen-year-old privates. Come and meet them in Newport News.

If you are interested in bringing a group to Newport News to experience the Civil War, please contact Barb Kleiss, Goup Tour Marketing Manager, at 757.926.1442.